Give to Help Others

Send a Child to School

Most of the children who we are helping can not read or write, but you can give them a fighting chance with an education. When you send a child to school your financial support goes toward:

  • School Supplies
  • Lunches
  • Teacher Salaries
  • School Building Expenses

Give to the Internally Displaced in Iraq

There is a great need  in Iraq, with many who are internally displaced. Your donation can make a difference in their lives. 

Support New Life Compassion

To further our commission, your financial support can help bring relief to those who are oppressed.

Your support will be used to help finance the monthly costs and supplies used in teaching and sharing with the people we minister to.  It will also help to provide for the basic living needs of those who minister in the camp.


You may make a donation by sending a check to our below address, made payable to New Life Compassion.

Please contact David at 704-724-6144 with any questions or contact us by clicking on the “Contact” page on the menu.

New Life Compassion
c/o David and Sherri Walch
1441 Riverwalk Parkway 
Rock Hill, SC 29730

When sending your donation, you may include a note that shares which area of ministry interests you the most.

New Life Compassion is a registered non-profit organization that has been establishing learning centers for these sweet children, for 3 years. Your donations help New Life Compassion establish schools and learning centers so that these displaced children do not have to enter labor situations but who instead can gain the education that would otherwise be lost to them. If you have any questions or want more information for ways you can be involved, contact us at:

This information is provided for your convenience and is not intended to be a direct solicitation to potential donors outside North and South Carolina.

Note to Donors: To receive a tax deduction, the IRS stipulates that the donor must release control of all funds donated to a non-profit organization. For this reason, contributions to N.L.C. cannot be refunded, nor can they be designated to any specific person. Any reference to a specific person will only be deemed as the expression of a preference and not mandatory. N.L.C. has complete discretion and full control of all donated funds.