Developed to help the children assimilate into Turkish schools as well as to have a safe and loving place to learn.  There are currently learning centers in three different areas of southern Turkey. The learning centers are equipped to teach, give children a healthy lunch each day, and offer support to the families of God’s precious children.  It takes $30 a month to put one child through school each month.


NLC is currently exploring ways to reach out and minister to over 5,000 refugees that were not allowed to enter into Europe and are now located on isolated islands of Lesbos and Samos.  Reports of very poor living situations with very little to live on each day.  Please come back as we update you on these efforts.


Just this year, we were able to explore some refugee centers.  After 28 years of the instability due to war, you can now see people come together to hear God’s word.  There is a lot to be done, but it is extremely encouraging.  We are just starting to explore how the Lord wants us to come alongside and offer comfort to this war torn country.