Hebrews 13:16

And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.



  • In mid February, we had graduation from a counselling class for young women.


  • We are in the midst of English-Computer training at the NLC facility for teenagers, and young adults from S Camp and S village (Yezidi IDPs) and D camp (Syrian refugees). This is held 2 days a week, and we host a morning and afternoon session. Those who attend are from three different religious groups, so  the Holy Spirit is helping us to produce good character in all of the students as they learn to relate to each other well.  Eva is the older sister of  four students and she is studying computers at university.  She has started to help teach part of the class.
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  • We will continue our tablet computer based English-Mathematics program at S Camp, D Camp and Kora village school.
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  • We will be partnering with S girls school to build up their English, Art and PE programs until they are able to do it themselves
  • We would like to provide a monthly stipend for 4 teachers at the school who work full time with no salary.
  • We would like to provide for the installation of solar powered electricity for the school to curtail the persistent and unpredictable power outages. Since we have plenty of sun in Iraq, this will allow proper cooling, heating and for the use of electronic devices for educational and administrative purposes.
  • We are having a 2 days/week, 4 hours/day (total 40 hours) manicure and nails training school with 15 Yezidi and Syrian refugee women 11/17-12/16. This will impart business acumen, character and manicure and nail professional skills which God will bless for living expenses and extra income to serve God.
Manicure Class 2 (2023.11.17)


Just this year, we were able to explore some refugee centers.  After 28 years of the instability due to war, you can now see people come together to hear God’s word.  There is a lot to be done, but it is extremely encouraging.  We are just starting to to come alongside and offer comfort to this war torn country as God directs.  NLC has started to provide the Yezidis, Syrian refugees, and Kurdish villagers with English courses, and providing some simple medical and ophthalmology help. The biggest benefit we can give is to show interest in our friends here and get to know them, so we can give them a real and eternal hope.

We are renting a 4-story building within the city of Duhok as a multi-purpose ministry center. We are in the process of officially registering New Life Compassion, Inc. within Kurdistan and afterwards will register it in Federal Iraq. This will give us the ability to set up an office in Baghdad, Mosul and Basra and will lead us into N. Syria.

We will use this building for:

  • Accommodations and meeting facilities for short term ministry teams from abroad
  • Training and equipping local and expatriated people for ministry to reach the nations of the world
  • Training in English, computers, and other practical skills for local friends, Internally Displace Peoples (IDP)s, and refugees
  • Intercessory worship and prayer location
  • If you would like to help us or participate in an upcoming ministry team, please contact us at info@newlifecompassion.org
Manicure Class 1 (2023.11.17)

Student Outreach

NLC works with children at this elementary school inside the IDP camp. A team from the US came for two weeks to help conduct this outreach. We taught English, had fun activities, and gave the children  some small gifts and a backpack with school supplies. It was a great benefit for the students and staff at the school,the ministry team, and the community. Many are being touched by Jesus as we minister in his name.

Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Elementary School in IDP Camp for Refugees
Earthquake ReliefWe are working to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has left thousands of families without shelter in freezing temperatures.

Your gift will help us provide emergency services to families in Turkey and Syria and refugee families in countries around the world. Please give what you can today.