New Life Compassion does not limit their vision to Syrian refugees, but the Syrian refugee crisis is one of the most remarkable upsets that our world faces today. Literally half of Syria’s population has been either destroyed, or have been forced to leave Syria. It is estimated that there are 4,500,000 refugees from Syria alone, now displaced and living as foreigners in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt. But there are refugees in other countries as well. New Life Compassion has been reaching out and are now expanding the number of these community learning centers, specifically for these children.

Here are some very practical ways that you can help. Some will cost you only time. Or maybe God would lead you to invest more.

  1. Mission Trip to Turkey – Travel to southern Turkey and help with summer activities at one of three of our Learning Centers. You can come for a week or for the entire summer.
  2. Mission Trip to Iraq – a small team will be helping with medical needs and working with Christian schools.
  3. Mission Trip to Lesbos and Samos – Minister to more than 5000 refugees that are not able to leave these isolated islands.

If any of these are of interest, please contact us at