Please Consider Offering Prayer For:

1. Cds, Glc and Kls education center staff, children and their families to be healed and accept God’s plan for salvation…

2. The students to develop their abilities for a life of fruitfulness in Turkey or wherever they go later

3. Blessings to the Turkish nation and local community through the education centers

4. Protection and safety of education center staff, students and their families

5. Wisdom and grace to manage for education center directors (3) and local administrative staff (4)

6. In Iraq most of the church, 90%, left Iraq during the last 10 years or so.  Those who were there were so glad to see us concerned for them.  They want us to start coming regularly.  Please be in prayer to see if God is calling you to this area to help either for short or long term.

7. There are two Islands in the Aegean sea between Greece and Turkey called Lesbos and Samos.  They both have more than 5000 refugees and they are not able to leave.  They are nearly empty islands with nothing for these people to do and very few are working with them.  Please be in prayer for them and also pray to see if God is calling you to help in the efforts to minister to them.

We thank you in advance for praying for this ministry as prayer is the most important thing you can do for us at NLC.