Testimonials The Fruit of Good Works

Who was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers on the road to Jericho? The question for the missionary novice or professional is not, “Who is my neighbor?”, “What is my people group?” or “Where do I go?” Yes, God will lead us, and we will be where we need to be. But “Who is my neighbor?” It is the one I recognize in need and make the costly decision to help. Costly in time, finance, and reputation.

But what about vision? Where has God called me? Or what about ‘my’ plans? Or that people group. These are critical questions, but for a start, look around you. Who can you help? Who is beaten up and half dead by the circumstances and conditions of life? That’s first. God will lead those who are open to all his will. Become a neighbor. Satan will tremble. God’s kingdom will come. Please read E’s story and pray.

From E

We came to Domiz camp in 2013 and started living there. Honestly, Uncle, we went through difficult and tormenting circumstances. We did not have a sweet life living in the camp. I started studying in grade 7 of primary school and went through many difficulties until reaching university, and my father helped me through the difficult circumstances.

Before that, my father was working, and we were earning a living, and my father would say, “Let all my daughters study,” and we still study. But now my father is no longer able to work. He is tired, and there is no one to help him. They say he is old and has a problem with his ears and can’t hear. He is also unable to walk due to pain in his knee.

Now, my family and I live on a livelihood stipend from the World Food Program worth only 100 dollars a month, and my family is large and not enough for us. Sometimes we go to bed hungry. That’s why my father owes money for our livelihood and to pay my university fees. We are always in the camp and never leave it, and we cannot go on trips due to our difficult financial situation.

Sometimes, we need to travel for our psychological condition, but our situation does not allow it. I go to university, and my sisters go to school also, and my mom and dad are at home. There was a period of my father’s knee pain. The doctor said there was water in the knee and a problem with the knee cartilage. Also, when my younger sisters go to school, the kids in school, as well as the neighbor kids, hit them, and the neighbors talk badly about my family because we are all girls (8 girls and a boy) and the society we live in is terrible and backward.

My family and I are only happy when all the family is safe and healthy. We feel sad when my family is in poor health and gets sick. When we see you, we feel cheerful because our psychological state improves. Despite all the difficulties, my family and I always say “Thank you” to God for everything and pray and thank Jesus.

From Tom

My name is Tom. Last summer my daughter strongly felt that God was telling her to go to serve at one of the Learning Centers for Syrian refugee kids. Well, I could not let her go alone, I very much wanted her to follow God’s will. And so we planned to go. What amazed me was that as soon as we decided to go, without asking for help, people in our fellowship circles began offering to help. The folks at NLC asked us if we could help teach some English to the stuand staff. Also, my daughter likes to knit hats and scarves and she figured maybe some of the ladies and older girls there would be interested. They were! Soon they were making some really beautiful hats and scarves. My daughter said, “They are already making nicer things than I make!” They had a lot of fun times doing this over the three weeks we were there. And most importantly, friendships were formed.

Children with Tom


For myself, I thought I could at least teach English. It is my mother tongue, after all. Before we left, others had decided to join us, and soon we had enough people helping to serve in two different learning centers. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t just teach English though. Their staff gave us Arabic lessons each day too. For me trying to learn Arabic was the most fun. Remember, these vacation programs are about community, not getting grades.


Lydia with Women


Most importantly though, I believe my daughter and I came back having made some lifelong friends. I also found that once my friends and others learned that we were going, that so many of them wanted to help. For Americans that year, the Syrian refugee situation had been a big political issue. People want to help the refugees but they weren’t sure how to do so, also concerned about terrorism. Many were afraid to help. But once people knew that their friends were going over to show love and support to these displaced Syrian folk, people began giving very generously, so that we would be able to go. Soon both my daughter’s and my trips were paid for. One church fellowship group even gave us extra money to get the children at the learning centers whatever was needed. That turned out to be a large assortment of educational games and toys and kits. Two businessmen also gave us 4 brand new laptops, that were much needed there! People gave my daughter so many looms and so much yarn, I had a pile in my office of them higher than my head. Going for us, showed me that both communities, from Syria and from my hometown, want to get to know each other with the hope of friendship. That certainly happened for us, and we hope trust it can happen for anyone who is going as learners. (Because those who go there learn a lot!) And any who go must know God’s love themselves truly, and want to express it to the folks they will meet there and along the way. Contact us if you would like more information.

From Liliana

Hello I am Liliana. Last summer I went to spend time with the refugee kids in Turkey. Few years ago had wanted to go and to help them if I could. Then a year later I heard about this opportunity and I was so happy to join the team and to go over there. It was so hot and so much drier the country I came from and working with them using my second language (English) was a challenge as well. But to see them and to hear them singing and laughing and to be willing to learn and just to share this time with these wonderful people was our main goal.



We were learning their language too (Arabic and some Kurdish), and the first thing I learned was how to write my name in Arabic and to speak the names of my new friends and the students too. It was such a fine time seeing these folks smiling and for me, to get to hear their history was so important!



I came back to my country, praise God for He is so good! My heart was full of new friendships. The people there have been through so much, and we learned to sing together no matter what and in all circumstance, “God’s so good. God loves me so. I’m thankful.”


1 John 5:9 “If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater; for the testimony of God is this, that He has testified concerning His Son.”